Notes on Cultivating Creative Collaboration – A Webcast by IDEO U

Cultivating Creative Collaboration - A Webcast by IDEO U - 27 March 2020
A screenshot of the webcast featuring Suzanne Howard (left) and Sacha Connor (right). 27 March 2020

Guest speaker: Sacha Connor, Founder of Virtual Work Insider

On Working from Home

Burnout is more of a concern than lack of productivity.

Virtual Meetings

  • Make sure it is really necessary
  • Avoid tourists in meeting – include only people that need to be there
  • Pre-work – what can be done in advance to make the meeting take the shortest time possible
  • Video (versus audio-only) is better for facilitation
  • Inclusivity
    • Ice-breakers – giving everybody a voice in meetings
      • E.g., what luggage are you bringing in this meeting? What’s going on outside of your camera?
    • Encourage participation from everyone
  • Once the meeting ends, how do we communicate?
    • Have common agreement regarding which channel to communicate on regarding a particular concern
    • For example, if something needs to be documented, use email for paper-trail
  • Who are the key stakeholders internally, externally
    • Find out which is a good time to engage with them

On Creating Boundaries

  • Allow for heads-down work – for productivity
  • Allow for people to get things done when it fits around their lives and schedule
  • Don’t be strict in 8 hours work
  • Balance life with kids, pets, etc.


  • Don’t wait up to “go back to normal” before planning for things—adapt!
  • Balance of both People and Productivity

Influence: rule one: have something to say worth paying attention to.

An audience comment

Links from the Audience’s Comments

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