Relentless Mumbo Jumbo and the Miasmic Dichotomy of Peoplez

Catherine (Deneuve) drapes the floor with cotton clouds as she asks madame if they still have Fire and Ice nail polish. Elizabeth (Mitchell) gets lost.

I sit down, rather casually, puts up with Faye’s (Wong) Hong Dou. Alanis (Morissette) bores holes into my eardrums while singing Your House a capella.

Belle (and Sebastian) merrily sing in a bright fluffy moonlight and somebody actually shoots the moon (and Stars).

Karen (Peris) takes you back to yesteryear and Harriet (Wheeler) brings back yesterday but not as quaint as Karen (Carpenter) does. Carly (Simon) attests.

I feel like a ghost who’s trying to move your hands over some ouija board in the hopes I can spell out my name.

You practically think Aimee (Mann) is the nubile manicurist who goes to Japan and squanders her earnings in plastic surgery (and sex transplant).

“Say goodnight and go.” – Frou Frou
“Sha la la la la la la – Sha la la – Sha la la.” – Ivy

Tracey (Thorn) crosses her heart and hopes she dies. “Not this time,” mutters Cultured Pearls.

Sinead (O’Connor) texts Demi (Moore) in her G.I. Jane cut, “Nothing Compares 2 U.”

Audrey (Heburn) and Donita (Rose) swap faces and realize they are blunderingly interchangeable.


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