Tag: Accessibility

  • Reading List: Week 5, March 2022

    So take some time at the beginning to clarify: what is it that you intend to learn? Just like in traditional Project Management, it’s hard to do something well if you don’t define first what “doing well” looks like.Matthias Frank

  • Assistive Technologies

    Amplified telephone Font resizing / larger Hearing aid Screen magnification or zoom Cochlear implant Screen reader (e.g, JAWS, NVDA, VoiceOver, ChromeVox) Cane, walker, guide animal or other walking aid Braille terminal Wheelchair Voice Control / speech recognition Software (e.g., Dragon, Siri, Google Home, Google Assistant, Cortana) Prosthetics Speech generating device Wearable tech (not prosthetics) Speech…

  • Putting “Skip to Content” Into Context

    Does the HTML markup of your website has an accessibility function in the form of “Skip to Content”? If yes, then you would notice that it is located at the topmost of the markup. This is as such in order to make it the first focus when using keyboard to navigate. Now you may ask,…