January 2022

Brian Dys

Creative Leadership

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Brian Dys

👋 Oi, mga repapips, Brian Dys here! I love music, photography, and creative stuff like UX design and art. This is a place where I collect my thoughts and works. Apart all these, I’m Jaycelle’s better half and Bryce’s dad. 🥰

Avaloq Testimonials

I’m very grateful to be part of and work for such a wonderful company with great leaders and company culture – a company who truly listens to their employees.

Being part of a fantastically-talented team of UX Designers who are fun, friendly, supportive and full of insights that I continue to learn every day. I always brag to my UX friends all the time how much I love my job at Avaloq – not only that it is aligned with my career path, but I am also surrounded by people who also value a well-balanced life, and for that I am truly blessed. ❤

Mara Maclang, senior UX designer
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Since joining Avaloq, I have learned new things especially in the UX design side. I have been also fortunate to work in a positive multicultural environment, surrounded by great, talented and very supportive individuals.

The thing I appreciate the most is that you always have a voice in the team no matter who you are or where you came from, your work and efforts are always appreciated. I’m glad to be part of this organization particularly with the UX Design team. ?

Jon Dacasin, senior UX designer
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