Category: The Ride

  • The moon was perfect

    The moon was perfect Your eyes are… Till it rested to half You are still there… You are a lit of an orange dim Like the moon, growing

  • Three Mothers

    I was in an ancestral, spanish-like house. It was quite old, wood structured. My family was there and I believe we live there. Also, my other relatives were there and the place was kinda noisy with chats and all. I remembered going to a room like just that one in reality (the first one to…

  • Orange-Blue Sky

    ORANGE – BLUE SKY 3.23.01 When you look outside your window, the orange – blue sky is turning gray, but she is telling me that I am alive, as she whispers you to my eyes By now, she is telling me that she is ours, for us to taste, to keep, to watch tomorrow, when…

  • Maybe We Are Two Half Souls

    MAYBE WE ARE TWO HALF SOULS 8.13.00 Maybe we are two half souls Yesterday, when it was unreachable, Last morning, so far, I can not remember Both enclosed within the hands of past Maybe we are two half souls Walking, searching, with time, yesterday, Last night, so far, I can not remember Gazing, searching, looking…

  • It Is Really Sweet

    It is really sweet Your kiss The taste The thought Last night