Hair Chronicles 2012 – Part 1 of 7: Crowning Glory

What does hair on your head mean to you? Definitely, hair (facial or wherever) – its meaning varies from culture to culture. I would not try to explore deeply the Filipino culture but my own (and maybe yours, my good reader).

This is the first hair on my head out of my mother’s womb:

Baby boy Brian
My first day on Earth. (Got tired editing out the date.)

Nobody could say, “I styled that hair” but nature itself. Until we’re one. Hair begins to grow into our eyes and onto our food. So mom and grandma morph into instant beauticians and take the bowl out of the kitchen to stencil our unadulterated hair to works of art.

What do you remember about your first hairstyle/cut?

Cave Man to Wolverine
Cave Man to Wolverine