She was wearing make-up. Lip-stick. Eye-liner. Eye-shadows. Blush-on. Spray-net. Fish-net. Stock-ings.

Stuck in a middle of a frozen traffic-jam.

Bought some dose of cashew-nuts and belly-bum.

She is Lady-Bhabes. Daughter of renowned classical-exhibitionist.

Philanthropist. Her father, the dentist of all tooth-aches.

Heart-breaks. Head-turners. Hotel-mongers.

Lies in hays. Lays eggs. Begs.

Porcupine-alms-giver. Donation-sacrilege.


Search. Find.

Zero. Nothing. Nada.

Kudos. Hail. Congratulations.


Blink-charm. Heart-big. Heart-small.

Stirrup. Cochlea. Eyes-covex.

Conveyor-belt. Whack-wallet.

Count-1-2-3. 3-2-1.



Cation. Anion.

Vector-tragedy. Desert-swarm.

Happiness. Bliss. Tea-cup.

Protect. Potion. Seam. Foot-work.

End. Dark. Light.

Shade. Shadow. Curtain-close.

Pull. Up. New. Old.

Go. Time. Stop.

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