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A video call mentorship session with a mentee.

Brian gave me really helpful advice about design ops. He talked about how tough it can be to grow and manage design teams and stressed the importance of giving designers the right support to advance their careers. His insights were eye-opening and will definitely influence how I approach this field. Brian’s willingness to share his expertise made the learning experience with him really valuable. I greatly appreciate the time he dedicated.

Paul Boulescu, 11 October 2023

I am incredibly grateful for the session I had with Dys. His constructive feedback on my portfolio was enlightening and provided valuable insights. He answered my questions with precision and in great detail, showcasing his expertise and experience in the field. Dys’ professional and supportive approach makes him the ideal mentor. Without hesitation, I highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking guidance and support.

Daniel Sadeqi, 20 July 2023

Mr Dys was very insightful about the UX design landscape in the Philippines, drew from his vast experience in the industry to give me actionable tips for job interviews, building a strong portfolio, and navigating the job market in Manila. Looking forward to talking again soon!

Nadine Peralta, 16 May 2023

Dys was able to clearly explain his point of view as a professional in the field. He paid attention to the details of our conversation and gave ample time to enhance the quality of the session. He also gave recommendations on how to present my portfolio. To sum it all up, talking to Dys was very enlightening as someone breaking through the industry! Cheers!

Jose Miguel Lim, 21 April 2023

Dys was an excellent mentor through ADPList. He gave me useful advice on selecting a front-end framework, considering viewpoints from different team members. This approach ensured that the decision-making process was collaborative and that everyone’s opinions were heard. His guidance gave me the confidence to make informed decisions and empowered me to take charge of the project. Thanks, Dys!

Mara Maclang, 19 March 2023

Sir Dys was great! He provides good insights about the topic and also helps you to understand a certain path if I chose this one. I’m gaining more confidence in my journey in UX Design. Nice meeting you sir. Thank you.

Paolo Macalintal, 10 March 2023

I made the right decision, and I booked this mentorship with Sir Dys! He gave me many detailed insights, techniques, and tips to improve my case study projects and how I would showcase my portfolio. He also made me realize how hiring managers will check my project by throwing multiple questions. He even extends our session from 30 mins to 1hr. Thank you so much, Sir! God bless you 😇

Kimberly Rodriguez, 3 February 2023

I’m glad that I booked this mentorship session with sir Dys. He gave me insights into what the UX industry really is. After our session, I was feeling confident with the skills that I have. Thank you!

Ann Margaret Siquioco, 8 December 2022

Brian gave me so much helpful advice and informative feedback of what I’ve requested and was willing to give more information and check if I was on the right pace. He checked if I had more questions and gave real life advices that I haven’t considered before. I truly recommend having mentorship with Brian and wish I had more time available with him.

Yumin Kang, 6 December 2022

He is so patient and provided so many helpful insights from a principal product designer’s perspective. I learned a lot and can’t wait to improve my portfolio! Thanks!!

Stacey Lee, 14 October 2022

The business outlook and perspective of an experienced UX Designer helped me clear my thoughts on my UX career, also he is very approachable and friendly to his mentees.

Francis Alba, 7 October 2022

Brian was an excellent coach and listener. I learned a lot from our first meeting. He has great insights about UX design and working with developers. I truly appreciate his time. I look forward to learning more from him in the future.

Ish Bartolome, 17 August 2022

Brian was amazing! He is a great listener and amazing at giving career advice! He is also great at helping you understand a certain subject. Brian helped me gain more confidence in myself in my journey, thank you Brian!

John Ticzon, 28 April 2022

It was my first time using adplist to schedule a mentor, and I learned far more than I imagined. Sir Brian is one of the most remarkable people I have ever met. Sir Brian could help you if you really want to learn something new or improve your skills. Sir, thank you so much!

Erlind Generalao, 9 March 2022

I found the mentorship with Dys insightful as he was willing to openly share about his experiences in the field. He helped me realize how I can be a better UX designer and coworker. Gained new perspective and actionable steps as well on how to handle being the only designer in my company. Really appreciate his advice!

Mica Flores, 2 March 2022

I had a great time being mentored by Brian. He really gave me good advices on how to start a career in UX/UI design. Looking forward to book a session again in the future.

Abigail Senga, 19 January 2022

I appreciate all the great insights that Mr. Dys shared with me, especially on building my portfolio. He is very accommodating in addressing my questions. He will get to know you and give you valuable information to help you. I have gain new perspective from him in regards to career, study and work.

Amy Susaya, 10 November 2021

Brian is very thorough with his advice and breaks everything down so it doesn’t feel overwhelming. He is compassionate and is generous in sharing what he knows.

Nicole, 9 November 2021

Brian shared a lot of meaningful advice for me as a junior UX Designer. He gave me a lot of information about UX Design, UX Research, and the hiring process. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking mentorship!

Kathrina Tacastacas, 30 June 2021

Kuya Dys provided me with a wealth of information about the hiring process and how to make my resume and portfolio stand up. He is knows the field inside out and I really enjoyed his insights on design in the Philippines. I would recommend him if you need career advice and a good chat on design in general.

William Tolbize, 9 March 2021

Dys is very effective in providing mentorship. He can pinpoint your strengths and provide insightful advice. I am a career shifter and in our conversation, he has provided me with actionable points on how I can apply my current experience to the UX career that I want. Aside from this, his perspective comes from plenty of years of experience. If you are in need of career advice, I highly recommend scheduling with him.

Javi Veron, 17 February 2021

Hi there. I had a great time with Brian during our mentorship session. As a junior UI/UX Designer starting out in the industry, Brian gave me a lot of valuable feedback and career advice on how I can forge my UX career ahead. If you’re looking for a mentor or you need advice when you’re starting out, I highly recommend him to anyone who’s seeking mentorship in the design community. Ultimately, Brian’s really passionate, enthusiastic and knowledgeable in the field.

Nathan Santos, 19 January 2021

Brian was very passionate and straightforward in reviewing my portfolio when I contacted him in as my mentor. I highly recommend Brian in being a mentor specially if you want to be in the fintech industry as a UX Designer. He gave me a lot of information on how I can improve my portfolio as I am transitioning from Graphic Designer to a UX Designer.

John Patrick Juinio, 10 January 2021

Brian is the best design teacher anyone could come across. He explains concepts really well and has lots of patience.

Samuel Bartels, 18 December 2020

Brian is a great listener and would willingly review your portfolio on how you can improve it. He is comfortable not sugar-coating things which is a good thing for us designers so that we will have a honest feedback from a perspective of a designer. He gave me advice on what are my next step in my portfolio and on what are the things I should have improve in the future.

JP, 22 October 2020

Sharing his own journey in UX with me and helping me get a better understanding of UX team structures. He also pointed me towards new resources and opportunities! Helped me better understand UX in the Philippines.

Lindy Hernandez, 7 October 2020

Since we were both new in our roles, Brian was able to help me craft a strategy on how to approach my first few months of work as a UX Strategist. We were able to cover the tactical aspects on the approach and layout a game plan.

Carlos, 5 October 2020

Prior to our session, I reached out to Brian on LinkedIn simply to connect and say ‘hi’ and he kindly offered to passively chat about questions I might have. He is an excellent listener and gives insightful and practical advice. He asked questions that made me ponder about my career.

Jean, 18 September 2020

He gave me a boost of confidence and a clearer view of what to expect upon career transitioning and the industry!

Rendell, 28 August 2020


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