Reading List: Week 1, April 2022

Very often it is when we are not seeking an answer that the information serendipitously presents itself, but when we consciously try to find something out, it remains stubbornly elusive, hidden in sources we have not yet imagined to consult.

Serendipity and information discovery

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Feedback is high leverage because it’s cheap for you to give, and provides high value to the recipient by giving them information early. Their alternative is having to guess at their own performance and behavioral impact.

How To Criticize Coworkers

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The optimal environment for personal growth of is definitely one where the employee clearly sees the opportunities for an interesting career trajectory.

The 3rd dimension of the matrix organization

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People think, learn, behave, and experience the world around them in many different ways. Some of this diversity is due to neurological differences.

What is neurodiversity?

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