Reading List: Week 4, June 2022

A great leader inspires the team and elevates the people around them. They build a vision that engages and rallies people. With their craft skills, design leads can present the North Star with a powerful enough narrative to excite all disciplines.

What is the job of a Design Lead?

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A RACI, also known as a responsibility-assignment matrix, outlines how individuals with different specializations will participate in tasks such as work phases (e.g., discovery), activities (e.g., usability testing), and creation of deliverables (e.g., writing a screener or designing a prototype).

Setting UX Roles and Responsibilities in Product Development: The RACI Template

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Often, you’ve become a manager, because you’re someone who loved mentoring and developing junior folks, and you’ve been tapped for management because people thrived with your support.

Performance Management as a New Manager: An Overview (Part I)

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Once we get rid of the illusionary multitasking and the toxic productivity, cognitive bottlenecks are not inherently bad. They are just characteristics of our mind we need to consider when we plan our work and interact with the world.

Cognitive bottlenecks: the inherent limits of the thinking mind

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