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  • Hallo there!

    Currently using the Hallo app; I installed it in the Chikka UI team’s HTC One X Android phone. They say it’s like texting but with your voice. Indeed!   Here’s a reply to “How do you say ‘hello’ in your language?”

  • Site-building: Day Two

      I’m thinking maybe I could mimic the look of a book — with left and right pages. Then the content should not exceed the vertical area of the usual desktop viewport. But that sound like “form over function”. Will it work that I build this site without any blueprint? I guess not. We need…

  • Site-building: Day One

    Just the right luck, I chanced upon Toolbox theme in WordPress. It doesn’t have any clothing if it were human. I am building this site from the ground up. Well, not really because this theme, at least, has a style.css in it. I’ll be documenting the changes thru screenshots and I will post it in…