Product Design Roles and Responsibilities

Design Discipline Roles

Levels Roles Responsibilities
Work Efficiency (Craftsmanship) Track Career Empowerment (Leadership) Track
Maker Associate Level 1 Interaction Designer User Interface Designer Visual & Accessibility Designer Product Designer Design Tasks  
Level 2 Senior Interaction Designer Senior User Interface Designer Senior Visual & Accessibility Designer Senior Product Designer Design Activities
Lead Level 3 Lead Interaction Designer Lead User Interface Designer Lead Visual & Accessibility Designer Lead Product Designer Design Process Process Skills Development
Level 4 Senior Lead Interaction Designer Senior Lead User Interface Designer Senior Lead Visual & Accessibility Designer Senior Lead Product Designer Design Systems Systems Skills Development
Manager Manager Level 5 Interaction Design Manager User Interface Design Manager Visual & Accessibility Design Manager Product Design Manager Project Management Team Management
Level 6 Senior Interaction Design Manager Senior User Interface Design Manager Senior Visual & Accessibility Design Manager Senior Product Design Manager Company Activity Management, Industry Activity Management Networking Activity Management
Head Level 7 Design Head Design Business Development
A table illustrating the Design Discipline Roles and Responsibilities.

Design Roles

It is important to identify roles that are crucial in a design team. It ensures that each part of the structure is being taken care of. These roles are divided into two:

  • Core
  • Tangent

Core Roles

Core Roles belong to the Field of Product Design.

  • Interaction Designer
  • User Interface Designer
  • Visual & Accessibility Designer
  • Product Designer
  • Design Manager
  • Design Head

Tangent Roles

Tangent Roles are portrayed prominently across the stages of the Product Design Journey.

  • User Researcher
  • Project Manager
  • Product Developer
  • Front-End Developer

Design Responsibilities

The Design Department is strategically structured in varying scope of responsibilities. Each Role plays a specific Responsibility.

Prior to the Lead Level, the Designer has the opportunity to explore a particular track which depends on her interests and strengths. One could continue levelling up in either of the two tracks:

  • Work Efficiency Track
  • Career Empowerment Track

Work Efficiency Responsibility

The Work Efficiency Responsibility focuses on specializing in one’s chosen Discipline.

Career Empowerment Responsibility

The Career Empowerment Responsibility focuses on managing the skills and career of the Designers.

Project Roles

Roles Levels Discipline
Lead Lead Level 2, 3, or 4 Any
Hero Associate Level 2
  • Interaction Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Visual & Accessibility Design
  • Product Design

Each Discipline must be represented.

Sidekick Level 1 or 2
A table illustrating the Project Roles.
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