A ₱21,000,000 Adobe product

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12,400% increase

An Adobe software, which cost ₱168,000 per unit, was listed as ₱21 million each in the proposed budget submitted by PhilHealth’s IT sector, a whopping 12,400-percent increase from its original price, the auditors said in their report also in May.

Marlon Ramos in COA flags ‘overpriced’ PhilHealth IT project

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How many licenses can we buy for 21M?

Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams (2020) Adobe Creative Cloud for Individuals Adobe Creative Suite 6 (CS6) (2012)
Year 2020 2012 2012
Price ₱4,466 per month per license Source $49.99 per month per license Source $2,599 one time fee per license Source
PHP to USD exchange rate in 2012 ₱42.679 Source
Price in PHP for 1 year ₱53,592 ₱25,560 ₱110,900
PhilHealth’s IT sector budget ₱21,000,000
Number of licenses 390 licenses 821 licenses 189 licenses

Let’s go for the highest yearly expense which is ₱110,900 for an Adobe CS6. Yes, the one that you can also install using a CD. That’s 189 licenses — maybe a couple for each priority PhilHealth office in the country.

But really — is that the only option? Buying Adobe licenses? I don’t know if it’s just me — but I don’t support PhilHealth building a creative public service out of this huge of a budget.

Could we centralize creative services and only buy several Adobe Creative Cloud licenses? For some offices that really need to produce posters and letterheads immediately — maybe use Figma or Canva for free.

Are we willing to think of creative ways especially if we can be sure that most of the ₱21,000,000 will be better spent on public health?


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