A way of helping the design community

We are all affected by this crisis. Some of us have been laid off and some of us have experienced even more difficulty in looking for work — whether it’s freelance or corporate.

For us who have tried to leap and transition from one organization to another — during the crisis — it was such a dilemma and a leap of faith, so to speak. Because for those who were not fortunate enough, they fell through the cracks when promises by the receiving organizations were really empty.

Indeed, in life there are no guarantees. We, as people, must improve our resilience and adaptability. And it is no different for designers.

Whichever case you may be in — whether you’ve just gotten your hands on your diploma or in the middle of your design career — I’m extending my helping hand as a way of giving back to the design community.

Now, more than ever, we must band together and help each other until, at least, we’re in a better place again.

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