An Example of a Technical Document

Consider this scenario:

  • you are the product owner of Siete Baracos (a tool that helps people with coffee measurements and ingredients)
  • how will you inform the designers, developers, testers about the basic technical information of the product?
  • thru a Technical Document, of course!

So here’s the basic format of the document:

Name: Siete Baracos

Description: Siete Baracos is a tool that helps people in making coffee thru measurements and ingredients.

Platform: Web

  • Purpose: Brochure


  • Primary Device: Desktop Computer
  • Secondary Device: iPad
  • Lowest Browser Version Supported: IE 8
  • Mobile Response: 768 px


  • Bootstrap

Other examples:

  • Template System (Python, PHP)
  • CMS (WordPress)
  • HTML (Bootstrap, Foundation, Web Starter Kit)
  • None (Plain HTML)

Platform: Android


  • Primary Device: Samsung Galaxy Y
  • Secondary Device: Any
  • Lowest Version Supported: Froyo (2.3)

These basic information of the product acts as guideline and sets the context in which the product revolves around.

Now, team members will not blindly test the app using a device lower than the version stated.


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