Black & White

I haven’t tried using B&W film again. I think the last time I took pictures with that film was two years ago. I wanted to use Colpan but a friend suggested something with better quality like Kodak.

I haven’t seen Kodak Panchromatic 200 lately. Maybe it was phased out. I’ve visited Quiapo a month ago. I found out that there is only a store left selling black and white darkroom equipments and supplies.

There, they have Kodak Tri-X reload. No Lucky Pan, no Kodak Panchromatic. This film is ASA 400. Since I don’t like grains for most of my pictures, I prefer having Colpan over Kodak. That means, I have to process the film myself.

For a wide variety of choices in B&W films, there is Fuji Digital in Megamall. I might try their films some time but they are expensive.


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