Why do I have all the time in the world? It is because I am a bum. I had five Super Dry with my good friend, Peachy, last night. Man, I miss spending time with friends and hearing their funny jokes. Then today, I woke up at eleven. My brothers were not home. They already went to their own business. I was left scavenging for food in the house.

You see, I am here to clean the apartment that I am about to rent. The main house is not my territory so I ended up buying some instant noodles from the store just beside this place.

Then I thought of watching TV. Yes, folks. That’s television (in case you already forgot). As I was flipping channels, Cinema One finally caught my eyes. There was Eddie Gutierrez, Janice De Belen, Monching (no Lotlot), and Isabel Granada all backtrack to the early 80s or the latter 70s. Man, the flick hooked me. It was a drama but I did not cry, though. Ok, this is the plot overview: A broken family where the three kids are in their father’s custody, then the mother came home from Germany to get the kids back. To cut the song story short, they lived happily ever after (or I hope so). Why don’t you chance upon it in video shops. Look for “Remember Me, Mama”. Boy, do I like the oldskool 70s and 80s.

So there, my bumming story is not over yet. The next flick featured Donna Cruz and Ian De Leon. But I already saw that twice and I have an apartment to clean. I went there and continued pulling and plucking staples and nails. I had to do this before painting the walls. I collected fifty-nine nails including some staples. It sure is that the previous occupants were hammer-happy. Were they decorating the apartment with all the flags in the world? I don’t know.

Here I am watching the evening news; feet up the sofa and cold beer in my stomach.

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