Bus Ride

Riding the MRT is a tad too stressful already. For a change, I took the bus going home. It’s always a slow motion in these big ruckuses crawling their way past Robinson’s Galleria — a good time to steal some break in the rush.

Inside was an Asian movie playing, vendors transiting, folks filling the seats; outside were travelers anticipating the proper bus, lampposts’ lights trailing. A whole lot was coming and going and this is just what makes the trip worthwhile.

MRTMRT. There is a construction behind.

Bus StopBus Stop. People waiting at the bus stop.

MRT Zipping ByMRT Zipping By. The train goes by from end to end in thirty minutes or so.

Petals of Junk FoodPetals of Junk Food. Beware of fake brands.

Rush HourRush Hour. A couple waiting for a ride.

Keep Ticket for TearingKeep Ticket for Tearing. I slid the ticket under my wristwatch.

Watching the World Go ByWatching the World Go By. Stranger than fiction?

Under Ortigas FlyoverUnder Ortigas Flyover. Somewhere in the dark is an MMDA traffic enforcer watching your every move.

ConductorConductor. Displaying his proficiency in money-handling.


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