Coming Home

First day of November, All Saints’ Day. It is mandatory to come home. There is a family reunion whether you’re alive or not. And the carnival – who would want to miss the awesome carnival in the evening?

I hitched from Quezon City to Cavite City in my brother’s car. With the booze from last night still kicking in, I snapped away even with the glass window coating in between the camera and the moving world.

Aguinaldo's House
Aguinaldo’s House. A jeepney driver fixes his vehicle.
Glory to God. Amen.
Baptist Church / Jeep
Baptist Church / Jeep. I notice  only two Baptist Churches in Cavite City.
Family 100
Family 100. Jampacked pedicab.
Ladislao Diwa Elementary School
Ladislao Diwa Elementary School. Everything is green in this public school.
Dalahican. A jeepney route label.
Sidewalk Shop
Sidewalk Shop. There are thousands of shoe repairmen lined in front of Good Morning store. OK, just five or six but one would wonder why it is the most saturated spot.
Santos. I see Santa Claus. Lots of “PX” goods in Good Morning store.
God is Good
God is Good. Another shoe repairman sporting a bible passage on his shirt.
Gupit Caviteño
Gupit Caviteño. When I was eleven, I ordered the “Gupit Binata” and ended up looking like Andrew E.
Baby Bus
Baby Bus. A hybrid of an ordinary bus and a jeepney, the ubiquitous baby bus.
Vulcanizing Shop
Vulcanizing Shop. I passed by this lowly shop as I walked to the cemetery.


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  1. Jaycelle Playda Avatar
    Jaycelle Playda

    Have you tried Gupit Caviteño?

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