Designing a Design Team


  • Roles & Capabilities
  • Culture
  • Skills & Personalities
  • Reliable & Resilient
  • Flexibility in the Roles
  • Learning other areas
  • Do not design in an assembly line — always have a view of the bigger picture

The Interview

  • Passion. What motivates them?
  • Curiosity. Are they willing and prone to ask important questions, especially before they start creating?
  • Communication. How do they articulate the problems they’re working on? How do they help others understand the solutions they’re considering?
  • Engagement. What’s their view of the design process? What steps do they take to approach it?
  • Autonomy. Are they able to understand the big vision and work toward it? Are they pushing the team forward with new insightful ideas, or are they dragging it behind by needing to be told what to do next?
  • Reveal themselves — strengths and weaknesses

The Tests

  • Technical
  • Problem-solving Capabilities
  • Take–home Tests regarding a real-life problem they have
  • Criteria
    • Design concept
    • Structure
    • Consistency
    • Problem solving
    • Creativity
    • Presentation



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