O, crap. This is my last day in the office. I am playing ultra-cheesy songs. I am making a tribute to myself. Nobody likes me here anyway.

I forgot to tell myself, two days ago, Em and I went drinking at Dencio’s just right at Megastrip. She had three Cruiser Ice and according to her, I downed seven Strong Ice. Holy crap. In my experience, I get transported to another dimension when I reach the 9th mark. So, after that night, I just could not remember anything. But of course, I can recall bits of memories. It is always like a puzzle in the morning; texting and calling drinking buddies and asking them to tell me the whole true story.

Then yesterday, I met with Paula and Beverly. You see, this is the deal. Paula has become such a classy person. She took us to this place somewhere in Makati. A wine shop. Man, we were going to drink and beer was the first thing that registered to my expectation. But this? Wine. I immediately thought of buying a tuxedo. Those two, my smoking-friends, are one (or two) of my closest friends.

Fine nights, I can say. Goodbye to 2006.

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