February 2006: I Love You But

Do you have a significant other?

Paper-heart cutouts. Valentine cards. Red roses. Cherry-flavored condoms. It is the Love Month we all waited for. To those who were lucky enough to snag a partner, did it remind you of Junior-Senior High School Prom? Or were you single your whole life?

Anyhow, this series has nothing to do with love or even the hint of it.

Sweet Sunset. It was just another day that gone by. Outside the glass window, I noticed that the sky exhibited a vast scatter of cumulus. It almost seemed like chunks of clouds would swarm towards our building.

February 2, 2006, Shaw Blvd., Pasig City

Together, Side By Side Here inside the train was a concoction of pungent body odors and weird-smelling perfume and cologne. I woke up after spending a day at a construction site. I did not brush my teeth. I did not take a bath. I did not even change my clothes. As the sun began to swelter, my armpits began spewing uncontrollable perspiration. Did I mention that I was a walking stink? Well, I did mention that I rubbed elbows and arms and shoulders with pretty yuppie girls. They are not in the picture, though.

February 3, 2006, MRT, Quezon Ave.

Sisterly. From the pit bull breed come two of the most offbeat-looking puppies, Liit-bull and her evil sister. You have to dismiss the idea that I am fond of disparaging puppies by putting them in a bird cage. It was converted to a puppy cage a long time ago. So…

February 5, 2006, Cavite City

Spooning. Quesong-Puti just got out of bed. She was awoken by her lazy-ass stepmother to be a prop for a mini-charitable institution. She was too clean for a street kid (or baby).

February 9, 2006, MRT Station, Shaw Blvd.

Holdup! To those who agree that I am hopelessly handsome, turn your head to the right, raise your left hand and clench the safety handlebar. Five out of six – not bad.

February 11, 2006, Quezon Ave.

The French Jazz Crooner. Anjeline de Dios, a famous jazz singer, with her band played at Stir-Crazy Bar & Restaurant. Before the gig, they were given Tinolang Manok and iced tea for dinner. After the first set, a bucket of chilly San Mig Light whammed on our table. It was through the courtesy of the band which I will now call, “Anjeline and Friends”.

February 15, 2006, Stir-Crazy, Amethyst Drive

Finger-Stylin’. Jordan Hilario started out his musical career in a recording studio working as a janitor and messenger. Through the sounds of the guitar that leaked out of the booth during sessions, he was inspired. Now, he is just bumming around every Starbucks, playing instrumental guitar music seasonally. For more information, http://www.jordanhilario.com.

February 17, 2006, Starbucks, Shangri-La Plaza, EDSA

Kundiman. Some blind guy makes fun of the songs he is singing by changing certain lyrics into his own sadistic choice. He was not this blind guy. This one was too emo-serious and dead-stiff – sang songs by Coldplay and Hoobastank. More like “sank songs by Ice-coldplay and Hoobastink”. Get it? Heh. I am so funny.

February 24, 2006, Quezon Ave.

Moka. This hyperactive Dachshkal was not asking me to open the swinging door… because he can actually fly and land over our two-meter high stone wall.

February 26, 2006, Cavite City

Camera Information:

Model: Canon EOS 350D Digital
Lens: Canon Zoom Lens EF-S 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 II


3 responses to “February 2006: I Love You But”

  1. Aaaa! That cat picture kills me.

  2. lawrence Avatar

    every bit of pixels used in these photos are worth looking at..thumbs up for a true artist..

  3. Jamie Avatar

    I’m not really an artist but I gotta say, these pictures are beautiful.

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