GWT Training: Day 5

Since day 1, I drive all the way from Cavite to UP, Diliman. It’s a 46km-drive and given the traffic condition in Manila, it takes me almost 3 hours each way, every day.

It’s like going to work and to school at the same time – I have my laptop for work and I participate in discussions and exercises.

MMDA Street Sweeper
A top-view picture of a street sweeper sweeping the street litter.

With a little bit of effort, I am hoping to be an accredited contributor to the design and development of GWT. Eventually, with more training, I could go into training and assisting government branches that need help transitioning their websites to GWT.

Act now

While being stuck in traffic, I realized something. We, as the people, tend to complain about subpar quality of services the government provides for us. In some areas, we are sure that we deserve better. In some, we know that we can do better. In general, we exactly know how to solve all the problems our city is facing.

But what are we doing exactly aside from paying our taxes? Our professions are devoted to the private sector – I know, it puts more food on the table but we’ve got to do something towards a direct solution to the same problems that are bugging us.

Distancia Amigo
A delivery pedicab of balut eggs.

This is my own way of contributing towards a direct solution to the problems that we are facing when accessing government websites. Now I can complain all I want and shut myself up.


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