I’ll Be Landing Soon

I took a drug the whole day yesterday. I found my hands and legs moving on their own. No breakfast, no lunch. My tummy was qualmish way past noon and I just remembered bribing it. Before nine in the evening, I wanted to take off and buy some dinner.

I wasn’t relieved that the sky had stopped weeping. I prefer the coldness of rain.

So here I was at Van Lloyd’s (cousin of Jim Bob) carinderia. It is the ultimate one-stop stomach stuff (at least for commoners like me).

Anyway, I should be babbling about the drug. All the while, it looked like a stimulant as I was staring at it. I wished it answered me back and said that it was going to munch me, then swallow me in gloom.

The first symptom was shoulder blade ache then drowsiness. Followed by some quirky people making sounds by clearing their throats.

The best thing it did was it thought me how to convert this page to XHTML 1.0 Transitional. So there are tons of slashes and quotation marks underneath this page.

Ironically, the day ended when I slept the day after.

I’ll be retreating back to our province for remorse.


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