Is web design dying? Is custom design gone? How do we convince people that custom design is better than the 10 buck template deal online?

Do you see web design laying down the curb, breathing its last breath?

It’s true that the term “web design” is rarely heard in job postings and in the industry simply because every thing connected to it has moved on.

Primarily the technology in which we access the web. It has gone from the big bulky desktop computer to mobile phones to other things that are connected to the internet.

Along with the capabilities of these technologies are the enablement of people to accomplish tasks using our mobile and wearable devices.

The designers aren’t designing solely for websites anymore but in a bigger picture, for experiences.

In this regard that business owners could lean more towards getting their presence online using a “10-dollar template” than being heavy on their brand using a custom design. Hey, they could even do it themselves through Wix or Squarespace.

As a designer, don’t go convincing people that a custom design is better than templated design. Go with the flow of progress. Think “UX design”.

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