Lor – Jareta Nuptial

I was invited by my friend, Catherine, to be on the “look-out” on her wedding day. She did not care whether I set my camera to black and white all the while. “Just do what you do,” she said.

To Be Free

To Be Free. Clench. Fly? Flew.

HeldHeld. A soft gentle pull. A soft gentle union.

The BrideThe Bride. Nearest look.

David and CatherineDavid and Catherine. Guided home.

YoursYours. Lately, I have seen a cake with bride and groom and blood.

Mind Game Dancing?Mind Game Dancing? Are we over this?

SeekSeek. She finds the most boring treasure.

Going OnGoing On. Both are seeing a world through a glass.

PrimPrim. Goody eight-shoes.

AnticipationAnticipation. Who is next in line?


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