Migration to Flickr

Migrating to Flickr
The exodus of my files from the hard drive to Flickr. Still from Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014)

All of my internal and external hard drives are being consumed by media files like fungus to a rotting tree trunk. I confess that I’ve been hoarding files from my camera that never see the light of day (or get shared to people involved).

With this incapacity, my digital memories are in great risk of being wiped out – not to mention they are taking up space of the “now”. I am not able to store new files without always looking for other files to delete.

With this situation, I decided to enhance my RAW files and export all of them to JPEG and upload to Flickr – not as backup but as the main storage of my pictures. At least I get to access them anywhere.

I know, I’ve got to have a backup plan just in case Flickr suddenly shuts down.

Next step: print them all?


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