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For a change, I went to Konica Digital at Glorieta. It was right in front of the right side of SM. I wanted to know if they were scanning negatives as high as the scans at Konica Digital in Greenbelt. Second, I wanted to find out if the fee was cheaper.

Here is a table for comparison:

Konica Digital Glorieta Konica Digital Greenbelt
Developing Fee P50 / roll P25 / roll
Scan to CD Fee
(Inclusive of CD)
P150 *catch P75 / 40 frames
P100 / 80 frames
Scan Resolution Approx. 2000 pixels wide /
96 dpi /
2mb max file size
Approx. 2000 pixels wide /
72 dpi /
9mb max file size

So, here’s the catch. That P150 fee was supposed to be a package called “Scan to CD” – meaning, the developing fee of a roll of film is already included, the scanning, and the CD.. all for P150; and an additional smaller amount for succeeding rolls.

But that night, I chanced upon the cousin of the owner. She was a fair Chinese lady and we got along very well because she wasn’t snotty or anything. So, I asked her if their fee was the same with KD Greenbelt, she wasn’t sure. One of the saleslady was telling me about the original fee but of course, she wouldn’t argue with Ms. Chinese.. so she scrammed out of the situation.

I had two rolls of film to be developed, a 36 and a 24.. and to fill up the 40 frames for the 24, I had another 24 negative frames to include. She agreed when I offered to pay the same fee I pay at the other store.. and she even asked me if I have other negatives I’d like to be scanned because she will make it “unlimited” for me (that’s the word she used). I had the nicest smile in my head because I have a room full of unscanned negatives. I just hope that she is there when I come back.

Another thing that made me want to switch here was that the job is done in an hour or so.. unlike at Greenbelt, it would take 3 days or more.

Even if the scans here at KD Glorieta is 25% less in resolution than in KD Greenbelt, it’s still not that bad.. considering everything. Plus, it’s closer from MRT Ayala Ave. So far, KD has the cheapest fee for these kinds of services.

I wouldn’t talk about KD Market! Maket!


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