New Chikka Text Messenger Logo: A Study

Chikka Logo
The current Chikka Text Messenger logo.

Recently, the design team is conceptualizing on a new Chikka Text Messenger branding. As you very well know, the phone and mouse icons aren’t up with the times already. Mobile phones have shed its antenna and keypad; the mouse, well pretty much some still look the same.

What is Chikka Text Messenger?

Chikka Text Messenger or CTM helps Filipinos abroad communicate thru SMS with their families and friends here in Philippines (PH). Basically, if you’re abroad, you text your mom (in PH) thru CTM app using Wi-Fi or data then she receives it as plain SMS. But if she’s also using CTM app and is online, then she receives the text thru the app like instant messenger.

The Balloon Ear

We started the branding redesign by this square icon:

CTM Icon
CTM’s square icon designed by Dexter Vivas and Brian Dys Sahagun

From here, I simply extracted the message balloon. The resulting icon, also shaped like an ear, embodies communication from end to end – you speak and the recipient listens and vice versa.

CTM Balloon Ear Icon
CTM Balloon Ear Icon
Chikka Logo
Talk2 you later!


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