Of Leeways and Disappointments

Upon reaching the vicinity of The Medical City, I found out that the small zippered compartment of my backpack was open. Probably because I walked and crossed Ortigas Ave. using the footbridge.

The footbridge is notorious for pickpockets—hooligans who would position themselves behind unknowing pedestrians wearing backpacks. In a flick of a finger with the featherlike touch, they could unzip bags and take wallets or mobile phones. Or your lunch if it looks very scrumptious.

View from The Medical City Footbridge, Ortigas Ave.
The traffic view from The Medical City footbridge in Ortigas Ave.

Last night, I shuffled the 5:00 and 5:30 a.m. alarm tones so as to have a greater chance of not recognizing what’s playing in the early morning. It’s very effective especially if one tries to sleep without watching a movie or browsing the internet.

I took a Grab Share (Wait and Save)—the one that has a 5-minute countdown. Then why did I take the footbridge, you ask? Because the driver asked. I suggested a different route but understandably so, the traffic jam after a very far u-turn would be unbearable for an 8 a.m. appointment.

At the physical therapy clinic, I asked the receptionist if I could submit the LOA (letter of authorization) afterwards—because the health insurance office was yet to open. My request was declined and I opted to move my appointment to 9 a.m.

In a different mood, or maybe just waking up from the other side of the bed would spell these experiences as disaster and disappointment. However, thanks to scheduling this day pretty early, I still have time to be at the PayMaya office for an 11 a.m. meeting.


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