On Exaggeration

Grabe! One would exclaim in a local language (Tagalog) as exaggeration of a feeling or an event. It’s part of my daily expressions, and exaggeration is one I consider a great tool in my existential musings.

It is not unlike a thought experiment or addressing edge cases in UX.

Two persons are in danger, who will you help first?

How do we handle a very long string here?

Will you eat turd for a million dollars?

What would you do if a love one is gone tomorrow?

Yes, simple questions, albeit provocative. The scenario might less likely happen today but what if it does? What would you do? How would you react?

In talks of exaggeration, there’s a pitfall to avoid, though — when facts are misrepresented for manipulation with malice. On the other hand, thinking in extremes helps us in realigning our principles and values with how we think and who we are now. It helps us be prepared for things unforeseen.


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