On Productivity and Looking Into One’s Self

I remember a talk I had with Jayce during a cab ride to MRT, I was telling her about a difficulty I am having with my team about managing projects and deliverables and mostly about their productivity which is greatly dependent on my plans to develop and further each of our careers.

I realized in the process that I have my own inadequacies especially my own productivity, the way I am not focused on their individual projects because most of the time I leave them to plan their own day and I plan my own. Which resulted in a vague sense of accomplishment. What did we finish this week? Can it be improved? Should be do something better than having lots of free time?

So I resolved in resolving my management style first before taking it on other people in my team.

This week, I am being hands-on and aware that I am not micromanaging anyone. Because nobody likes even the worst or best micro-manager in the world.