What Is a Dad?
“What is a dad? You. You is a dad.” written on a card. Sourced from Reddit

It was another day of going to the office. Early in the morning at six, coming out of the shower I opened our matrimonial closet and saw there hanging at the spotlight the onesies we bought for baby.

Even before we knew baby’s gender, we picked brightly-colored onesies for three to six months of age. Jaycelle hang it by the closet facing forward so that it will slap me into reality that baby’s on the way.

And yes it did. Every time it caught me staring at it because I couldn’t believe. Maybe I don’t want to believe that in a few month’s time, someone will join in our lives like an exchange student from a foreign country with the promise of stay.

It is heart-melting – like the feeling I had when my younger brother came into this world. I wanted to carry him every day at our front yard, under the rising sun before breakfast. I wanted to show him how happy it was to bathe in the rain and under the downspout.

I needed more slapping.

And this time, it was a set of onesies for ages zero to three months.

Would you believe that US has a government agency for Fatherhood?


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