Outer Limits Pulchritude: Arlene Martel

Transitory Dialogue between Trent and Consuelo

Consuelo: I think there’s no place to hide.
Trent: There has to be… Somewhere…
(Consuelo cuts in)
C: I think I’m part of your trouble [now that] you brought me into this.
(Trent looks Consuelo squarely in the eye)
T: You can’t be with me.
C: But I am.
T: Consuelo, they’re not human. They’ll walkover anything to get to me. Destory anything that is close to me.
C: Trent… (makes a Claire Forlani expression)
D: I’m going through this thing on blind luck. I know… (unintelligible)
C: Trent, oh, Trent, I think I’m falling in love with you.
T: Not me, Consuelo. I’m not in love.
C: I know. I know but I don’t care. Doesn’t matter. If one of us loves that’s enough.
T: [By] tomorrow morning very probably both of us will be dead.
C: Well, then there’s no time to wait for you to fall in love with me.

Consuelo then proceeds to kiss Trent. As their lips get to a minute gap, Trent pulls her into an action sequence.

Nifty. Props to you, ladies’ man Trent.

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