PC, XAMMP – Wifi – iPad: Website Testing

In case that you need to test your website in your mobile device, just connect to your PC IP address (given that you’re using XAMMP).

Here are the steps:

  1. Run XAMMP
  2. Know your PC’s IP address by running “cmd” and typing “ipconfig”
  3. Type that IP address into your iPad’s browser
  4. If XAMMP talks about its “new security concept” then you have to edit this file from the XAMMP folder: httpd-xampp.conf
    • Go to: xampp\apache\conf\extra
    • Open “httpd-xampp.conf” in a text editor
    • Look for this line “Allow from ::1” and below it, add “Allow from all”
    • Restart XAMMP
  5. Done!


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