Questions from a Graphic Designer

I’ve received a message in ADPList from a graphic designer who’s interested in UX design, asking curious questions about the field. It’s a good start for anyone exploring to ask many questions!

Hi I’m a graphic designer who is exploring UX/UI design field. Here are my questions:

Do UX/UI designers have to learn HTML/CSS to create an app/website?

Short answer

No, because you can manage your expertise in the world of UX itself and find partners that will focus on frontend development (HTML/CSS/JS) to create an app/website.

Long answer

Creation, design-wise: No, because at this point you’re at the conceptual / mock-up fidelity phase (i.e., design)

Creation, design-wise: Yes, because knowledge in how to implement your designs will make you a better designer; you will know the limitations and possibilities of the actual website you’re designing; also when prototyping, you can use HTML/CSS/JS

Creation, technical implementation-wise: No, because there are tools that export directly from design to code; there are also drag and drop website builders like Google Sites (optimization for a performant website, is another topic, though).

Creation, technical implementation-wise: Yes, because frontend development is close to UX design in terms of process (design then implementation)

A different answer

It depends — you can simply wait to discover where the road of exploring UX design will take you. Me, for example, I started with my interest in HTML & CSS that’s why I got into web design, and eventually UX design.

Does a UX designer design the app/website alone or is it by a team?

Alone: as mentioned above, you could be a UX designer and a frontend developer rolled into one.

Team: also, there are projects that can be launched more efficiently and effectively when done by a team (two heads are better than one).

Is it necessary to make case studies for portfolio or can it just be designs of screens?

Context is always the key to any portfolio item that you will showcase: what are you trying to say to your audience? Which knowledge and skills are you highlighting in that portfolio item? That can definitely be contained in a case study, regardless of its depth and detail. Context tells a little bit more about you and the project you worked on, to your audience.

It also doesn’t have to be a case study. However you will manage to put context into your work. How will you get the message across? If screens can accomplish these things, then it’s all good.

What are some useful tips to get started on UX design?

It’s ok to take one step at a time to understand the fundamentals of UX. This book, The Elements of User Experience by Jesse James Garrett greatly helped me. Might be a good read for you too, as a start.

Got the autograph  of UX Rockstar Jesse James Garrett  #uxweek15
Got the autograph of UX Rockstar Jesse James Garrett #uxweek15

Good luck on your UX design journey. Remember to have fun! 😎


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