Reading List: Week 1, September 2021

In a lot of cases, obsolescence is triggered by external changes in a world in which things are connected: when one evolves the others have to evolve as well.

Design for Obsolete Devices
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Conversely, when I see programmers not launching features quickly, the issue is often overengineering. Or when engineers do launch quickly but the quality is bad, then the issue is usually under-engineering or sloppy code.

Code-first vs. Product-first
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Your answer will help you identify what has to happen to get to the outcome you desire. And your answer will be rooted in your values. All of these components give you agency and a kind of control.

When Managing Through Ambiguity, Develop a Clear Vision
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Photo by Ross Sneddon

Without a dedicated designer on the scrum team, what you have is a software engineering team and, while that team will absolutely deliver a user experience, it will not be of the same level of quality without a designer’s input.

5 Rules For Integrating UX with Agile Scrum
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