Reading List: Week 2, June 2021

Are you easily distracted? Can you successfully work in pajama pants? Will your dog actually allow you to get work done? Does working from the couch result in good work, or do you need a designated work spot? For some, working from home requires setting boundaries to ensure the work gets done. For others, working from home requires setting a start and stop times to ensure you don’t overwork yourself.

Our WFH Best Practices

Inflated praise in particular may backfire and lower a child’s self-esteem. Professor Eddie Brummelman from the University of Amsterdam conducted a study to explore the relationship between inflated praise from parents and their children’s self-esteem.

The Praise Paradox: when well-​intended words backfire

Instead of challenging teams to stretch their thinking to address deeper and subtler user needs, product design practices have become increasingly less insight-driven.

I helped pioneer UX design. What I see today disturbs me

Customers of these businesses are going to see the increased costs associated with these higher wages passed along to them in the form of higher prices for goods and services.

It can’t be transitory

Having a unique, empathetic communication style with your clients can certainly set you apart from the pack and encourage a past client to recommend you to others.

Why You Should Treat Your Client as a Friend

And further more, one practice was absent in UX: visual design. As I said, UX most closely was born from information architecture. Information architects developed the underlying structure, navigation, and flow of a website, while a visual designer/web designer created the visual layer over that underlying structure.

My take on the journey of UX

But experiencing risk makes you recognize that some stuff is out of your control, which is accurate feedback that helps you adjust your strategy. Experiencing luck doesn’t. It generates the opposite feedback: A false feeling that you are in control, because you did something and then got the outcome you wanted.

Ironies of Luck

People gauge their wellbeing relative to those around them. It’s the path of least resistance to determining what life owes you and what you should expect.

Getting the Goalpost to Stop Moving


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