Reading List: Week 3, January 2022

All of these sorries raise the question of whether any harm is actually done when someone commits the sin of unavailability. Granted, there can be real consequences to responding slowly in a culture that considers idleness, or even just the appearance of it, to be a moral shortcoming.

What If We Just Stopped Being So Available?
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To design for systems rather than users, we must shift into a dynamic posture. Systems are ever-changing and success metrics are too limited a goalpost, instead we may be better served thinking in terms of incentives and consequences.

Camera Obscura: Beyond the lens of user-centered design
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Abstract thinking is essential in order to solve complex problems, come up with innovative ideas, and collaborate with other people. It allows us to analyse situations, understand new concepts, formulate theories, and to put things in perspective.

The art and science of abstract thinking
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People have made money through cryptocurrency speculation, those people are interested in spending that cryptocurrency in ways that support their investment while offering additional returns, and so that defines the setting for the market of transfer of wealth.

My first impressions of web3
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