Reading List: Week 4, February 2022

Strong execution lets you test and validate bits of strategy before they become company-changing decisions.

Execution > Strategy
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Does anyone like the hiring interview? For job applicants, it’s a stressful experience. You meticulously prepare your resume and portfolio materials, arrange your schedule to accommodate interviews, are peppered with random questions or whiteboarding-design challenges, and face the collective judgment of strangers.

Hiring Interviews Are Terrible: Smart UX Teams Structure Them
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This is the final inversion of blogging: not just publishing before selecting, nor researching before knowing your subject — but producing to attract, rather than serve, an audience.

The Memex Method
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If you waved a magic wand and made it so that everybody had equalish income today, that would clearly eliminate a lot of misery. But if you enforced equal incomes permanently, you’d create a lot of new problems.

Six Questions For Derek Thompson
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