Reading List: Week 4, September 2021

A snapshot of someone’s life on Instagram tells you nothing about that person’s actual life. That’s how we should treat all those things: As pure entertainment, not as inspiration for life.

’Why Am I Not Rich & Famous?’ the Delusion of Our Times
Unsplash Photo
Photo by Gian Cescon

Usually if I learned a concept a long time ago, it means that I’ve lost touch with what it’s like to learn it for the first time today. So running an explanation by a few people who don’t already know the concept helps to catch incorrect assumptions I’ve made.

Patterns in confusing explanations
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Photo by Todd Quackenbush

Step one is to create space between emotion and action. It’s OK to have fear and trust issues. But it’s not OK to let them hold you back.

Don’t Wait to Train Your Successor
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Photo by Armand Khoury

People who practice self-compassion treat themselves with kindness, care, and concern in the face of negative experiences.

Self-handicapping: when we avoid effort to protect our self-esteem
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Photo by Rafał Szczawiński

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