Reading List: Week 5, July 2021

When you’re blessed with intelligence you’re cursed with the ability to use it to concoct intricate stories about why things happened – especially stories justifying why you made a mistake or why you’ll eventually be right in an area you’re wrong.

Too Smart
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Photo by Alex Knight

But it’s all too easy to imagine some enlightened, superintelligent being standing outside our world, looking at us with the same pity and smug superiority that we feel toward the piranha.

Quantum Mechanics, Plato’s Cave and the Blind Piranha
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Photo by Tim B Motivv

The goal of coaching isn’t to make someone feel good. The goal is to break through a person’s guise of knowing. Human beings are master rationalizers in an effort to protect themselves from feeling challenged and embarrassed.

The Key to Effective Coaching: Psychologically Safe Partnering That Encourages Discomfort
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Photo by Cameron Venti

We played his favourite classical music (one for a future episode of Troika), read the news or books, and generally waffling in an attempt to provide some comfort. Mostly he slept, and we listened to his breathing, trying to discern any changes.

Bryan Font
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Photo by Steve Shreve


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