Reading List: Week 5, June 2021

Career ladders help you make more consistent, fair decisions around promotions. This improves employee recruitment, engagement, and retention, while reducing bias and improving the quality of your workforce.

Career Ladders 101 (Founders Series: Part 3)
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Instead, at work, seek to contribute. Find the hottest, most vibrant part of the economy you can and figure out how you can contribute best and most. Make yourself of value to the people around you, to your customers and coworkers, and try to increase that value every day.

Interview: Marc Andreessen, VC and tech pioneer
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Everything is sales also means that everyone is trying to craft an image of who they are. The image helps them sell themselves to others. Some are more aggressive than others, but everyone plays the image game, even if it’s subconscious. Since they’re crafting the image, it’s not a complete view. There’s a filter. Skills are advertised, flaws are hidden.

Harder Than It Looks, Not As Fun as It Seems
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Advancing in seniority and experience is not about moving ‘up the ladder’ but rather about widening your circles of impact and influence — whether as a people manager or hands-on expert.

Become Better, Together
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