Reading List: Week 5, September 2021

The crux of emotional intelligence involves removing unhelpful emotional reactions from your interactions while simultaneously emphasizing helpful reactions and improving the clarity of your thinking.

People Who Embrace the ‘Z-Y-X Rule’ Have Very High Emotional Intelligence
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Photo by Jakob Owens

Designers must become environmental activists as we are in a position by the choices we make to change our relationship to the natural world.

32 experts on the most urgent matters facing designers today
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Photo by Max LaRochelle

In a way, the biggest advantage I had was not knowing anything. Starting with a “blank slate” approach was extremely valuable, as many prior conceptions of how a virus operates did not necessarily apply in the case of this novel coronavirus.

21 Experts on the Future of Expertise
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Photo by Mike Tinnion

What I believe has served me well is something that’s often overlooked when you think about being the “best” – being easy to work with.

What does “best” mean?
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Photo by Sven Kucinic

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