RE:Creation No. 1: Google | Plain Text (Round 2)


  • Interact to reveal more content and convert into plain text
  • Structure content by grouping and labeling them based on function

This round of re-creation involves interacting with elements to reveal more content that will be converted into plain text. Once Content Inventory is exhausted, it is time to structure the content by grouping and labeling them.

Convert More Content into Plain Text

As an example of revealing more content, try clicking the grid icon at the top right—a popover of Google apps will appear. Interacting with it further by clicking the “More” link below, will reveal even more content that is otherwise hiding in plain sight.

Google Homepage - Google Apps Menu
A screenshot of Google’s homepage showing the Google Apps menu. 7 September 2018

Function-Based Grouping

From merely converting content into plain text in Round 1, we are now interpreting how content must be structured based on their function and not only based on their visual arrangement.

As an example, we could see that there is a content in the web page labeled, “Google offered in: Cebuano” just below the search buttons—and there is a word, “Philippines” at the bottom left. Visually, they are far apart which we might perceive as a sign that they don’t belong together. However, identifying their function as internationalization, we could, in fact, arrange them in one group.

This part of RE:Creation activity involves Information Architecture. Simply put, it is the process of grouping and labeling content to make it findable and usable.

# Internationalization

## Localization
* Google offered in: Cebuano

## Current Country Location
* Philippines


See the Pen RE:Creation No. 1: Google | Plain Text (Round 2) by Brian Dys (@briandys) on CodePen.

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