Riding in EDSA a Mamachari

Brian Riding a Red Mamachari
Brian Riding a Red Mamachari. 13 March 2010
Jaycelle Riding a Red Mamachari
Jaycelle Riding a Red Mamachari. 13 March 2010

Mamachari are bicycles from Japan. They are made for riding around the city and are designed to be practical for things like riding to work, doing the shopping, taking the kids to nursery etc. Everyone’s got a mamachari in Japan. Literally everyone. To say that they are ubiquitous is an understatement. Mamachari are everywhere and are ridden by everyone – old/young, female/male, students, salary men (businessman), mothers, grandmothers and fathers.

What Is a Mamachari?
  • Bought from Sally of Pamarang Trading in Magallanes at around 2,500
  • She called it “cherry” bike



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