Shadow Cast

I grabbed a Gatorade from the fridge and smashed it onto my head. The scalp was begging for some hard massage. The carton box flung as I punched it, hoping to drill a hole through and through. Two thuds from my left and right foot rung the entire second floor. There was no shadow in the room; early afternoon shadowboxing with the plywood door. I wanted to hit myself in the mirror – right in the kisser.

I never wanted to wake up halfway from a full-length afternoon nap.

DockingDocking. Ferryboat, you are the best.

SecureSecure. There is a new dock for the ferryboat in Cavite City; no more bamboo contraptions.

GlideGlide. Seagulls just gliding around.

CrystallineCrystalline. The sun cast stark light.

Jeepney Side MirrorJeepney Side Mirror. 350D is back.

Riding In FrontRiding In Front. Fishball vendor turning towards the busy part of the city.

Takatak BoyTakatak Boy. After lighting the jeepney driver’s cigarette, he noticed the camera and asked for a copy of the picture.

Crossing the StreetCrossing the Street. The wet road doubled the illumination of the afternoon sun.


2 responses to “Shadow Cast”

  1. Jaycelle Playda Avatar
    Jaycelle Playda

    Let’s get our cherry bike!

    1. Brian Sahagun Avatar
      Brian Sahagun

      Me, cherry boy and you, cherry girl.

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