Sometimes the Future Isn’t Written on Adobe

Yesterday, I was scouting for an Adobe Creative Cloud reseller. It was Microphase who sponsored the event at My Cinema, Greenbelt 3.

Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams looks apt for the Chikka Design team. Joining entails having one administrator who will then purchase “seats” or subscriptions for people in the team. Long gone are the boxes and the discs and the serial numbers.

The downside (for end users) as I’ve heard (not from the event) is that you can only install any Creative Cloud app on two desktop devices and on five mobile devices and you can only use one at a time. E.g., Illustrator in your iMac at the office and PC at home; Photoshop in 5 of your Cherry Mobile tablets – and leave one not running. Crap if you left one open at home.

Adobe, get your act together. When you say that we can use Creative Cloud anywhere, mean it. Some people here own a computer shop! Let us use it anywhere there’s cloud up above.

Oh yeah, sometimes it’s only the sky.

But let’s see – I have yet to try this big purchase.

Because imagine, it will amount to one little Kia Picanto car in 5 years for a team of 5.

Enough of Adobe. And more of X-Men. Because along with the marketing spiel of Adobe Creative Cloud (and Symantec – the part I took a nap) is an X-Men screening.

This X-Men:

It’s the one I knew from grade school of the 90s – right after the Ghost Busters era. Storylines didn’t bear much meaning to me. I just wanted to watch Rogue and Gambit get it on. And listen to Storm murmur “Bulburine,” as my cousin pointed out.

I ensured to not miss my beloved characters so I recorded one damn episode in VHS – the episode recalling Gambit’s past.

But unlucky me, one kid (I don’t remember who) – there’s always that one kid who will plug in a 110-volt appliance into a 220-volt socket.

And due to a bout of the crazy, I was forced to record several episodes on cassette tape. And listened to the intro whenever I would miss the X-Men.


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