They call her that. Stiffany. Like a cross between Stephanie and Tiffany. Her teeth protrude out of her lips and almost she could have been born to peck her food.

But she is human. A being with some hopes and some dreams. Unlike other species – human or in- – they only exist, they thrive, survive day in and out.

Not her the least. She acts on these hopes and dreams. In a cramped lady bedspacer she sleeps together with her best friend.

She wakes up at night to make her body everybody’s business. She acts on her hopes and dreams.

Nobody knows for sure if she is loved by her family and if she loved them back. Only that truth was running through her head that fateful early morning when she hazily got up from sleep to quench her thirst.

By the kitchen table she grabbed what was there. It was done and she was done by a silver cleaner the clarity and taste of water. Was it because it was in a bottled water container?


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