Stupid IE

I had so much trouble fixing the conflict between the JavaScript code in the gallery page and this DTD line in the same document.

In IE 6, the gallery had a bottom scrollbar which looked well off.. yes, well off. Firefox 1 displayed everything fine.

CSS and HTML code editing were futile. At first I thought it was the padding in CSS that was buggering me off but it wasn’t.

To solve it, I created a smaller problem. I made the DTD a comment tag. I got rid of the annoying bottom scroll bar in IE 6 but the gallery page wouldn’t validate correctly in XHTML. Who cares?

In this situation, I discovered a lot of differences between IE 6 and Firefox 1 when it comes to displaying the same document. I must not enumerate them in a 410px width such as this. I’d rather get used to using Firefox.


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